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hi all
I will delete my previous uploads all at the end of today (or tomorrow), i won't upload them again, i want to clear my page and start from zero. lots of comments and uploads atm. feel free to unwatch if u like, i need a lil fresh air and a new path...
My friend, forget all your grief. If you are sad, God is with you!
God is with you every night, looking at the stars.
Tomorrow is another day! Start your day with joy!
Whenever a breeze shook the little flowers, Remember yourself.
You're the most beautiful flower in the world and your grief is like the morning breeze.
Be sure that it will pass. tomorrow is yet to come!
another new year with new ideas and new dreams!
hope to be happy, healthy and safe!
Happy new year!
Dear Friends!
i really appreciate all the faves and watchs!
unfortunately,i'm very busy these days!
so pardon me if i can't appreciate one by one!